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Another thing that I love sharing with you most is my love for discovery. Even before I started dUCk, travelling and seeing those new sights would inspire me in different ways. With dUCk, I am able to spread that love through #dUCktravels, a hashtag that has caught on with dUCkies who also enjoy travelling and share the wonders of the world.

#dUCktravels wears the hat of a wanderlust. The desire to explore and learn unfamiliar sights, embracing different cultures and appreciating the little things are every value that I want all dUCkies to have too.

dUCk is a reminder for me to keep learning, and now it’s yours. I hope you’ll never lose sight of what the world can bring to your #dUCktravels. The world is so full of life, as you make your trip, let us see its beauty through your eyes!

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