dUCk Tower

Truth be told, I often wondered how it started. When I created dUCk, I didnโ€™t expect anything like this โ€“ the dUCk Tower phenomenon will always be extraordinary to me!

Oh, it pours so much pride and joy. From the walls, ceiling-high pillars, well-stocked bookcases, to purple nightstands, dUCkies are avid collectors all over the world. It gives me the butterflies to see what dUCk means to each and every one of you. The way you let dUCk transforms you and the way you transform dUCk distinct to your personality in your own space.

So, proud is an understatement of how I feel when I see your towers of purple hue. It represents something for a dUCkie. Be it a memory, a journey or a story, no matter where itโ€™s tucked in the world, know that your dUCk Tower holds a value dear to my heart too.