About Us

Founded by entrepreneur Vivy Yusof, dUCk launched in May 2014, and was born out of the love for well-branded scarves, aiming to convey the message that wearing scarves should be a celebrated act among women. The dUCk brand, which is narrated by D, rose quickly in its popularity across the world, and has since expanded to become The dUCk Group that we know today.

It's time to get dUCk-ed!

Like many women out there, immersing into the world of fashion has always been a creative outlet for me to express myself. That’s why I co-founded dUCk, as an endeavour for me to encourage women to freely express themselves, with an added dUCk charm!

My stories and experiences of travel are translated into the world of dUCk, with the sole purpose of inspiring women around the world to lead a life full of wonder and accomplishment.

Stepping out with a dUCk item feels like you're narrating your own movie, it stands for fun, expressive and optimistic femininity. Through dUCk, we want to celebrate the modern woman and her pursuit of a positive and fulfilling lifestyle!

D's Notes

It has been decided – I'm putting my diary online! There are books and books of memories as I kept our entire journey together since dUCk launched in 2014. We have grown and commemorated many firsts, celebrated cool collaborations and blazed a trail of stores to meet our ever-growing dUCk community. With so many stories to tell, it takes time to put together 7 years of memories with you online. So I hope you'll stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter. I'll let you know once it's ready to be seen by the world.

Exceptional Quality

There’s a dUCk charm in everything we do. Be it a handsewn silver charm on the scarf or embossed gold charm on the accessory, it’s our dedication to quality with pride in our designs. Your dUCk articles and cosmetics are given much precious attention. 

Complimentary Packaging

Every scarf comes in our signature dUCk packaging with a personalised note from D herself. Specially placed in a custom hard box, it’s elegantly wrapped with distinctive grosgrain ribbons making each scarf an experience from the point it’s received.

Distinct Personalization

dUCk indulges in your creative side. Our personalisation service expresses your values in a curated selection of procedures from scarf embroidery, lipstick engraving and accessory hot stamping.

Sustainability Commitment

Eco-friendly packaging and recyclable boxes are part of our focus on sustainability. With the use of natural dyes and/or simply to reduce the consumption of single-use items, dUCk is going green one step at a time.