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The Malaysia dUCk Placemats

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I found myself dipping the square biscuit into my coffee and I chuckled alone. I really am my dad's daughter. As we celebrate our Independence Day, I felt a calling to go back to my early childhood memories. “There's no place like Malaysia,” my dad would always say, while he dipped his biscuit into his coffee in the old kopitiam.

When I was younger, every Saturday, it’s market day! Mom and Dad liked to be up early to get to the market just as the fresh vegetables and fish arrived. Dad would drop Mom off near the fruit stands where the market periphery began. He would then take my brothers and I to one of his favourite Kopitiam for breakfast. There’s where I learnt, only in Malaysia you'll hear people calling out loudly in a sing-song voice, “Kopi Ooooohhh satu, boss!”.

Of course the coffee is good! But it's more than that. It's the familiarity of home. It's the warm feeling when you go back home - the immediate change of your dialect, the immediate smile you give your neighbours, the immediate sense of belonging when you sip that kopi o. Home is where the heart is, and I want to always remember that. So I created this collection, that is inspired by none other than... the kopitiam cup. A tribute to the symbol it represents, the symbol of home. Reminding us that no matter how high we fly, we should always remember our roots.

Here’s to one more dUCk that I’ll hold dear forever, and I hope you'll wear it proudly. Happy 66th Independence day, Malaysia!

Love, D

This item was made with much love and care. Please kindly accept the imperfections as a unique story behind every piece. Your understanding and support are much appreciated.

MATERIAL: Polyviscose
PRINT: The Malaysia dUCk

  • Set of 2
  • 46cm x 31cm
Size: One Size

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