dUCk Raya 2023

Terms & Conditions:

  • Visitor must adhere to the time slot booked and will only be allowed entrance with a valid booking number sent via email.
  • Booking of date/time slot is limited to one(1) slot per email.
  • Booking is strictly for single entry only. No plus one is allowed.
  • Visitor must be 18 years of age and above.
  • No change of booking date/time will be allowed.

Event Rules:

  • No photography or videography is allowed and smartphone use is not permitted in the event space.
  • Visitors agree that their smartphones, iPad/tablet, or any electronic devices, including recording devices will be stored away during the session. Bags or envelopes will be provided.
  • Visitor will need to step outside of the event space to use their phones.

Event Sale:

  • Visitor can place orders for any items at the preview.
  • Sale can only be made during each individualโ€™s session. Customer to ensure card payment method is working to avoid failed or cancelled payments.
  • Payment can be made with credit card only.
  • Customer is advised to confirm the receipt of purchase with complete details before leaving the event space.
  • All sale are pre-orders and the orders will be sent out within 10-14 days.