Birthday Note from D


dUCk turns 10. We are a decade.

Over the past ten years, we’ve faced life’s ups and downs together, and it’s been an incredible journey. From our bazaar days to opening stores, from seeing every dUCkie trotting the world to building long lasting friendships online, experiencing love and sadness. We've sold more than 3 million purple boxes (and more!) to 76 countries around the globe. Together, we crossed so many milestones and with always a curious itch wondering what's next.

I cherish our past but I am most excited about our future. The path ahead may not be bright, and many lessons may await, does that sound scary? …..uh, yes! But going ahead carrying love and support from all of you, is like looking up to see a sky full of stars. Glittery, sparkly and full of light. Our dUCk turns 10 Collection is to commemorate a decade of shared stories and infinite dreams.

Cheers to a glittering decade! Or can I say dUCk-ade?

Love, D.